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20 May – Bayside Charity Golf Day, Royal Melbourne

8 June 8-12:30 – Black Rock Farmers Market, Royal Avenue Reserve, Sandringham

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Beaumaris Rotary contributes funds and donates items for new mothers, babies, and toddlers to The Highlands Foundation.  This organisation aims to take simple and practical steps to strengthen the existing healthcare facilities in Papua New Guinea with the aim of decreasing the infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rates.  The Highlands Foundation is our President’s personal charity for 2023/2024.

The Highlands Foundation provides:

  • Mother and Baby Packs
  • Health Worker Kits
  • Medical Supplies & Education

Due to the inadequate prenatal and postnatal care and inadequate birthing facilities, the country has an infant mortality rate of 35.9 per1,000 (Australia 2.8 per 1,000) and a maternal mortality rate of 215 per 100,000 (Australia 5 per 100,000). 

There are many challenges to obtaining health care in PNG which contributes to the high mortality and morbidity rates, amongst the highest in the world.

Packing for the Foundation:

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Club 2023/4 Contribution

  • Volunteer hours are the hours spent by Beaumaris Rotary members, partners and supporters delivering service projects and raising funds.
  • Funds allocated is the expenditure to support service projects and community causes.

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Children who participate in club sports are more likely to achieve higher levels of development and are more likely to attain a higher level of secondary and tertiary education.  Children from lower socio-economic backgrounds experience a higher level of social isolation through their childhood and into adulthood. Sporting clubs offer a way to reduce social isolation.

Today, there are 432 children playing sport funded by TS4A, with more children either waiting to be placed in a team or to be assessed by the volunteers at TS4A. 

Beaumaris Rotary is proud to be able to help make a difference to these children’s lives.  Over the past couple of years, our club has held a number of successful fundraising events including a Long Winter Lunch that raised $2,600.

In 2024, Beaumaris Rotary will continue to support Team Sports 4 All, helping them reach as many families as possible, whose children would like to play community sport but are unable due to financial hardship.

If you would like to know more about Team Sports 4 All click here.